Momentum Academy Testimonials

Momentum Academy In The Community  | Involvement Michigan Charter School

"GREAT, small school, where students do NOT fall through the cracks. My children attended Momentum last year and they love it. They both came from the local public school and had OVER 34 students with ONE teacher. Now they are in a classrooms with 14 and 16 students. My kids, the teachers, and the principal know exactly where my child is excelling and where they are struggling. Both of them made massive gains in reading AND math in just one year."
-Momentum Academy Parent

Thank you Mrs. SUDER and Mrs HICKS for all your hard work and dedication to your classrooms. I appreciate all that you do! I am very grateful you teach my son/daughter THANK YOU.
-Momentum Academy Parent

Since my daughter has been in Mrs. Zamm and Ms. Burnett’s class, she has been excited about learning even when she’s at home. She sings and dances on car rides because she’s eager to show me all she has learned. I’m noticing that instead of being bossy all the time she has learned to be a team player at home. She cleans her own bedroom and is very good at following directions. She was taught things that she wouldn’t have learned any other way by Mrs. Zamm. For me, I appreciated how much attention was given to each child at home visits and conferences. It was very apparent that the teachers really knew my daughter. If I could, I’d have Mrs. Zamm and Ms. Burnett keep Braylinn another year! I’ve received nothing but great feelings about this program. It’s been a great year for us.
-Charlese Rice

Overall experience *****
I love this school.All the staff is wonderful. Whenever I have an issue,there is always someone to talk to. The beautiftul lady in the office is always ready to answer my questions.
-Momentum Academy Parent